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We Must Raise Awareness

Childhood cancer is incredibly violent, a child can go from doing well - playing, laughing & hugging their parents - and within a couple of days entering the Gates of Heaven and resting in the Saviors arms. 1 in 8 children who are diagnosed with a form of Pediatric Cancer will not survive, and if they have contracted an extremely aggressive form of cancer the odds of survival are nil.

These families and children are warriors. As a grown up, I can comprehend getting cancer, but it breaks my heart to see these little ones suffer for they have done nothing to deserve such tragedy and yet to experience life. The stories of Little Derek Cantor, #teamJessiStrong and @KaydinStrong have changed my life.  

So, I have decided that 10% of COHN's profit will be donated directly to families so that they may spend more time with their little warrior. This donation "campaign" will not be the end-all of our involvement, but it is a starting point.